I was soon taken to the Brisbane Watch House and put behind bars for the night. I was the only woman behind the bars. As the night passed I was allowed to make one call. My mother was living overseas and my sister didn’t answer so I eventually called my father – this was not an easy call – I considered him terrifying at the best of times. About 4am my father came to collect me... he was not impressed. He swiftly signed the appropriate papers and took me home. We didn’t speak. The following morning I was terrified to wake up to my father’s lecture. I was also expected to return to work in Sydney that day.  

I was ordered to attend court on the Monday morning to attempt to clear my name. As I was doing volunteer work for the Sydney City Mission and other community work, the judge decided it was a moment of ‘misjudgement’ and released me with just a fine.  From that point I realised how one quick moment can potentially change your life. I returned to Sydney and worked hard at my job only to continue to be promoted at Channel 10 and later at Channel 7. With more 10 years in television my career continued to flourish and I was approached to work at Coca-Cola and later Foxtel. After meeting my now partner and having two boys, I set up my own business helping companies successfully grow their business, including being General Manger for global fashion label ‘Camilla’.

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