Ms J.

I have always had a troubled relationship with my younger sister.  When we were children it was just typical sibling arguments but as we got older, it became worse.  When we were teenagers, she would take lots of my things and sell them to Cash Converters, cut up my favourite items of clothing just to be spiteful and leave family photographs on my bed with my face grafittied on.  This coincided with a general downward spiral in her behaviour – she frequently wagged school, would often leave home without telling anyone where she was going and started shoplifting.  My parents also found her bad behaviour and poor choices very difficult and our family life became very stressful because of the impact of her behaviour on everyone else.  When I was at university, my sister’s behaviour became so bad that police would be called to our house to try to calm her down and my bedroom would be broken into almost every other day (my mum had kindly installed a lock on my door to try to protect my things).  I started to feel quite down about the effect my sister’s behaviour was having on my family and on me, and my marks at university started to suffer. 

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