Ms C.

I loved school and wanted to keep going. I had been going to a music group for a while with a friend and she invited me to join a theatre group. He parents felt bad for me and dry cleaned my formal dress. The adults in the theatre group arranged for me to stay temporarily with one member and then more permanently with a lady named Crystal who helped me turn my life around. I made it through grade 12 but as a result of all the hardship I'd experienced I didn't get the grades I wanted. I was devastated. All my street friends went to jail so I made a clean break, it hurt, I loved them but I had to get on with my life.

I then met my future husband at a party and my life changed forever. I scraped together what little Centrelink I got and went to a private child care college. But they committed fraud and my hard work did not amount to much, I was living on $30 a fortnight for 2 years. I was from that point on determined to get a university education, I was lucky to get recognition of prior learning for some of my modules which helped me finish my diploma and apply for university. Four children later I had a Bachelor of Psychology, a Masters of Criminology with first class honours and I am now doing my PhD. I secured a job in Youth Justice in 2007 and now help young people in similar life situations than what I experienced myself.

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