Now I will admit that I have conquered most of my negative self-talk, I am more relaxed with my eating and eat to feel healthy, listening to my body and what it wants as opposed to criticising it all the time. I do my best to exercise, but I am not fanatical and wasting hours obsessing about it all, occasionally I will have a kind word to myself reminding myself how great I feel when my body is strong, healthy and moves freely with ease. This change has not been easy as the self-negative talk can continue all your life if you do not stop, recognize that there is a problem and want to seek help. I now focus on positive self-talk, praising the aspects that I am grateful about and loving that I have an amazing skill that I can use to help others become healthy and to be inspired by food. We are all uniquely amazing in our own unique way and this is what we need to tell ourselves.

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