During my recovery I discovered a few things which would help me get through. Gratitude, sleep, being kind to myself but most of all the power of giving to others. I realised that if you want to make a difference to your own life, start by making a difference to someone elses.


In other words I told myself “Get off your bum, stop wallowing in your own self pity. Look around and see people struggling much worse than you and do something about it. It’s going to make you feel better to give.” And guess what happened? I got better. I got off medication and I manage myself through it every day.


Depression doesn’t define me. It inspired me.


During the Brisbane floods a couple of years ago I wanted to help the people who were volunteering and the people who lost their homes, and the direct giving network ‘Baked Relief’ was born. I started baking cakes and muffins to distribute to the people helping out, and organised hundreds of other people to do the same.


What I learned with starting ‘Baked Relief’ is that it’s not because I am an amazing person or a skilled talent. I was just prepared to try and make a difference and stood up to people who would say it couldn’t be done. There were people who have said “how is a cake going to help?” But we proved them wrong.


Since Baked Relief’s birth, we have helped more than 15,000 people during times of crisis with approximately 1,500 active bakers.

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