I've been working on my own Emotional Fitness healing wounds from my past for almost 19 years now. I stopped abusing emotional anaesthetics like booze, pills and drugs back in 1995. 

My personal tragedies took me to the depths of suicidal despair where I discovered the strength in empowered surrender. At that point I decided I deserved my "happily ever after" birthright that I'd always fantasised about! And I've worked very hard, one day at a time on improving my emotional fitness so I could make my childhood dreams an adult reality.

I'm not formally educated as I left school age 15. If I have any credentials to speak of I can say that I'm a published author having written two books throughout my 18 years of recovery. 

My work in the field of Emotional Fitness has been recognised with an Australian of the Year Award, A Pride of Australia Medal, An Award of Distinction for Services to Humanity, and the Prime Ministers Award of Excellence.

Aged 51, I work in jails and drug and alcohol rehabs these days but also in mainstream society. I think a pivotal point for me has been working face to face with sex offenders and learning about, without rage and fear dominating my heart, but genuine interest, this tragic human issue. 

I needed to understand the flip side, the confusing, unexplained side of what was really going on with these two men I loved dearly yet feared with dread throughout my childhood.

Now I understand. I don't wonder why anymore. Blame and shame no longer haunt nor control me. 

Many, many people share a similar emotional history to mine, they are the walking wounded. However we can recover our self respect and heal all the pain of our past. I am living proof.

When I work with the walking wounded, who because of great tragedy, have let go of the hope of a beautiful life for themselves, I see myself as I used to be.

I remind them of what I've experienced personally and witnessed working with many others. A tragic past can absolutely birth a triumphant future, so we can live happily ever after within our own skin. I also remind those with deeply wounded hearts of what the wonderful word H.O.P.E really stands for. H - hold O - on P - pain E - ends. 

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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