Having grown up as a little girl amidst two sexually violent predators that threatened to kill or beat me if I ever told anyone ... I've done many years in therapy shaking with rage calling them every obscene name under the sun I could think of.

From the age of four until the age of 11, I was sexually abused by both my father and a paedophile neighbour who was my babysitter. 

I'd often lay underneath the lemon tree after two violent sexual assaults in one evening. 

My small bruised and throbbing body climbed into it's Avatar pod under my favourite lemon tree the day after my birthday. In that sacred space my daydreams transported me to another land where fairies rode on sparrows backs wearing glittering butterfly gowns.

I've cried oceans for the innocent little girl I once was aged four. The damage done by those two men was considerable. 

I left school at age 14, had no formal education, was dyslexic and lived homeless for periods of time in my teens. Over the next 19 years I became addicted to alcohol and drugs. I battled an obsession with food, diet pills and laxatives. In my 30’s, I seriously contemplated suicide. 

Instead of suicide, I mustered the courage to call a help line. 

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