I think it’s fair to say I was quite naughty when I was at school. I got suspended from both primary and high school too many times to remember, and was kicked out altogether when I was 12. I was basically one of those really disruptive kids – I swore at teachers, I would answer questions with something stupid (although I still think most of what I did was funny…) to make my classmates laugh, and I was known to provoke a few fights. I seemed to do anything to make the other kids laugh, even if it was at someone else’s expense.


I was mostly just bored and I wasn’t interested in lots of the stuff they taught at school. I also had ADHD.


In Year 7 I started high school and I got even ‘worse’. The school (which was a private one) didn’t know how to handle kids like me, and in the end it was easier for them to kick me out me rather than deal with me. “Why fix the problem when you can pass him onto another school to handle” - my original school seemed to give off that vibe haha.


I moved to the local public school and to their credit they made a huge effort to try and work with me and understand my bad behavior in an attempt to improve it. It didn’t really help though, I kept behaving badly – once I spray painted a penis on the oval, and another time I sprayed deodorant into the face of a teacher who I knew was allergic to it.


I started hanging out with the kids that your parents don’t want you to. When I was 15, I drank so much alcohol one day that I was rushed to hospital in an ambulance and was unconscious for hours. The hangover lasted four days. They tested my liver and told me I couldn’t drink again for 6 months… I stopped for two. I liked breaking the rules.


My mum said, “By 18, Brandon will either be successful or dead”.

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