I am so glad I stayed alive long enough to get to the good part of my life! I have the love of three beautiful daughters and now two grandsons! I have enough work (in a drug and alcohol rehab) to keep our home going.  I am not likely to be evicted and any work I do at our place is an investment for our future. 

I haven't had to take drugs or drink alcohol to feel okay for years now. I don't have to bend myself into a pretzel shape any more trying to make other people happy either! I don't have to compromise myself or my beliefs or tolerate people using or abusing me. I am not as afraid, deep down, as I once was (although I always showed plenty of bravado and daring). 

I know if I can't change the world, I can at least affect my little corner of it with love and compassion, and somehow that ends up making life feel okay; in fact it usually feels good. These days I help others who went through similar stuff. Have you ever heard that saying: “BE the change you want to see in the world”? 

Unlike many adults, I don't ever dream longingly of, or want to get back what I had as a teenager, but for me it did get better, and then continued to improve as time went by. 

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